Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Michael Reth

Prof. Dr. Michael Reth

Institute of Biology III (Molecular Immunology), University of Freiburg
and Max-Planck-Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Freiburg

+49 761 203 97663


10 Selected publications:

  • The BTG2-PRMT1 module limits pre-B cell expansion by regulating the CDK4-Cyclin-D3 complex.
    Dolezal E, Infantino S, Drepper F, Börsig T, Singh A, Wossning T, Fiala GJ, Minguet S, Warscheid B, Tarlinton DM, Jumaa H, Medgyesi D, Reth M (2017).
    Nat Immunol. 18(8):911-920.
  • CXCR4 signaling and function require the expression of the IgD-class B-cell antigen receptor.
    Becker M, Hobeika E, Jumaa H, Reth M, Maity PC (2017).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 114(20):5231-5236
  • B cell antigen receptors of the IgM and IgD classes are clustered in different protein islands that are altered during B cell activation.
    Maity PC, Blount A, Jumaa H, Ronneberger O, Lillemeier BF, Reth M (2015).
    Sci Signal. 8(394):ra93
  • The nanoscale organization of the B lymphocyte membrane.
    Maity PC, Yang J, Klaesener K, Reth M (2015).
    Biochim Biophys Acta. 1853(4):830-40.
  • B cell activation involves nanoscale receptor reorganizations and inside-out signaling by Syk.
    Kläsener K, Maity PC, Hobeika E, Yang J, Reth M. (2014).
    Elife 3: e02069.
  • Pillars of Immunology article.
    Reth M. (2014).
    J Immunol 192(9):415-416.
    Reprint of “Antigen receptor tail clue”. Nature (1989).338:383-384.
  • Matching cellular dimensions with molecular sizes.
    Reth M (2013).
    Nat Immunol. 14(8):765-7.
  • Oligomeric organization of the B-cell antigen receptor on resting cells.
    Yang J, Reth M (2010).
    Nature 467(7314): 465-469.
  • Deficiency of the adaptor SLP-65 in pre-B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
    Jumaa H, Bossaller L, Portugal K, Storch B, Lotz M, Flemming A, Schrappe M, Postila V, Riikonen P, Pelkonen J, Niemeyer CM, Reth M (2003).
    Nature 423, 452-456.
  • Molecular components of the B-cell antigen receptor complex of the IgM class.
    Hombach J, Tsubata T, Leclercq L, Stappert H, Reth M (1990).
    Nature 343: 760-762.
    Reprinted as Pillars of Immunology in J Immunol (2009) 183: 1505-1507