Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Research and Services

Signal transduction and processing is of fundamental importance for the development and maintenance of life. A more precise understanding of these processes thus provides solutions to important biological and medical challenges. The Centre for Biological Signalling Studies BIOSS was founded to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the composition and function of biological signalling systems by addressing fundamental questions of signalling science: “How do proteins and molecules interact to carry out signalling processes? How does this signalling work and where does it take place? When do specific signalling events occur?” BIOSS scientists address these questions by applying the research strategy “from analysis to synthesis - spanning all domains of life”, combining biological and clinical signalling studies with synthetic and chemical biology in prokaryotes, archaea, plants and eukaryotes. The current BIOSS research program focuses on three areas:


Area A: Membranes and protein–lipid interactions in signalling

Area B: Oncogenic signalling

Area C: Re-building & biotechnology