Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Prof. Dr. Prasad Shastri

Prof. Dr. Prasad Shastri

Professor of Biofunctional Macromolecular Chemistry
BIOSS and Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry
hired as BIOSS Professor

+49 761 203 6268
+49 761 203 5016

10 selected publications

  • Renal Clearance of Polymeric Nanoparticles by Mimicry of Glycan Surface of Viruses
    Wyss PP, Lamichhane SP, Abed A, Vonwil D, Kretz O, Huber TB, Sarem M, Shastri VP (2020).
    Biomaterials 230:119643.
  • Cell number in mesenchymal stem cell aggregates dictates cell stiffness and chondrogenesis.
    Sarem M, Otto O, Tanaka S, Shastri VP (2019).
    Stem Cell Res Ther. 10;10(1):10.
  • Mechanically Defined Microenvironment Promotes Stabilization of Microvasculature, Which Correlates with the Enrichment of a Novel Piezo-1+ Population of Circulating CD11b+ /CD115+ Monocytes.
    Forget A, Gianni-Barrera R, Uccelli A, Sarem M, Kohler E, Fogli B, Muraro MG, Bichet S, Aumann K, Banfi A, Shastri VP (2019).
    Adv Mater. 31(21):e1808050.
  • Hyperstimulation of CaSR in human MSCs by biomimetic apatite inhibits endochondral ossification via temporal down-regulation of PTH1R.
    Sarem M, Heizmann M, Barbero A, Martin I, Shastri VP (2018).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 115(27):E6135-E6144.
  • Disordered Conformation with Low Pii Helix in Phosphoproteins Orchestrates Biomimetic Apatite Formation.
    Sarem M, Lüdeke S, Thomann R, Salavei P, Zou Z, Habraken W, Masic A, Shastri VP (2017).
    Adv Mater. 29(35).
  • Mechanically Tunable Bioink for 3D Bioprinting of Human Cells.
    Forget A, Blaeser A, Miessmer F, Köpf M, Campos DFD, Voelcker NH, Blencowe A, Fischer H, Shastri VP (2017).
    Adv Healthc Mater. 6(20).
  • Matrix-metalloproteinase-9 is cleaved and activated by Cathepsin K
    Christensen J, Shastri VP (2015)
    BMC Res Notes. 8:322.
  • Non-Invasive In Vivo Imaging and Quantification of Tumor Growth and Metastasis in Rats Using Cells Expressing Far-Red Fluorescence Protein.
    Christensen J, Vonwil D, Shastri VP (2015).
    PLoS One. 10(7):e0132725.
  • Stochastic nanoroughness modulates neuron–astrocyte interactions and function via mechanosensing cation channels
    Blumenthal NB, Hermanson O, Heimrich B, Shastri VP (2014).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(45):16124-9.
  • Differential uptake of nanoparticles by endothelial cells through polyelectrolytes with affinity for caveolae.
    Voigt J, Christensen J, Shastri VP (2014).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 111(8):2942-7.