Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Prof. Dr. Daniel B. Werz

Prof. Dr. Daniel B. Werz

Institute of Organic Chemistry,
University of Freiburg

+49 761 203 6031

10 selected publications:

  • Optical Manipulation of Gb3 Enriched Lipid Domains: Impact of Isomerization on Gb3-Shiga Toxin B Interaction.
    Socrier L, Ahadi S, Bosse M, Montag C, Werz DB*, Steinem C* (2023)
    Chem Eur J. 28, e2022022766.
  • The Interaction of Gb₃ Glycosphingolipids with ld/lo Phase Lipids in Lipid Monolayers is a Function of Their Fatty Acids.
    Socrier L, Bail C, Ackermann E, Beresowski A-K, Ahadi S, Werz DB*, Steinem C* (2022)
    Langmuir. 38, 5874-5882.
  • Diversification of 4ʹ-Methylated Nucleosides by Nucleoside Phosphorylases.
    Kaspar F*, Seeger M, Westarp S, Köllmann C, Lehmann A-P, Pausch P, Kemper S, Neubauer P, Bange G, Schallmey A, Werz DB, Kurreck A (2021)
    ACS Cat. 11, 10830-10835.
  • Azide-Functionalized Derivatives of the Virulence-Associated Sugar Pseudaminic Acid: Chiral Pool Synthesis and Labeling of Bacteria.
    Vibhute AM, Tamai H, Logviniuk D, Jones PG, Fridman M*, Werz DB (2021)
    Chem Eur J. 27, 10595-10600.
  • GlycoBODIPYs: Sugars Serving as Natural Stock for Water-soluble Fluorescent Probes of Complex Chiral Morphology.
    Patalag LJ*, Ahadi S, Lashchuk O, Jones PG, Ebbinghaus S, Werz DB* (2021)
    Angew Chem. 133, 8848-8853; Angew Chem Int Ed. (2021) 60, 8766-8771.
  • Differential recognition of lipid domains by two Gb-3 binding lectins.
    Schubert T, Sych T, Madl J, Xu M, Omidvar R, Patalag LJ, Ries A, Kettelhoit K, Brandel A, Mely Y, Steinem C, Werz DB, Thuenauer R*, Römer W* (2020)
    Sci Rep. 10, 9752.
  • Synthesis of Head Group Labeled Gb3 Glycosphingolipids: Distribution in Phase-Separated Giant Unilamellar Vesicles.
    Sibold J, Kettelhoit K, Vuong L, Liu F, Werz DB*, Steinem C* (2019)
    Angew Chem. 131, 17969-17977; Angew Chem Int Ed. (2019) 58, 17805-17813.
  • Shiga toxin binding alters lipid packing and domain structure of Gb3-containing membranes: a solid-state NMR study.
    Bosse M, Sibold J, Scheidt HA, Patalag LJ, Kettelhoit K, Ries A, Werz DB, Steinem C, Huster D* (2019)
    Phys Chem Chem Phys. 21, 15630-15638.
  • Gb3 Glycosphingolipids with Fluorescent Oligoene Fatty Acids: Synthesis and Phase Behavior in Model Membranes.
    Patalag LJ, Sibold J, Schütte OM, Steinem C*, Werz DB* (2017)
    ChemBioChem. 18, 2171–2178.
  • Size, Kinetics and Free Energy of Clusters Formed by Ultraweak Carbohydrate-Carbohydrate Bonds.
    Witt H, Savic F, Oelkers M, Awan SI, Werz DB, Geil B, Janshoff A* (2016)
    Biophys J. 110, 1582-1592.