Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg


- The main switch

The three-dimensional folding of DNA provides important epigenetic mechanisms in the formation of cardiac muscle cells


- Honorary Medal for Professor Michael Reth

The molecular immunologist Professor Dr. Michael Reth of the Excellence cluster Centre for Biological Signalling Studies (BIOSS) of the Universityof Freiburg and group leader at the MPI-IE in Freiburg will receive the Honorary Medal 2017 of the Signal Transduction Society (STS).


- Aus der Moosfabrik

Neues EU-Projekt will die umweltfreundliche Produktion komplexer Moleküle für Medizin und Industrie vorantreiben


- Ten years of excellence

Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine and Centre for Biological Signalling Studies celebrate their anniversary.