Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg


- A Key to Fight Drug-Resistant Leukemia – Publication in Nature

An international team led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and joined by scientists of the Freiburg excellence cluster BIOSS – Centre for Biological Signalling Studies, has identified a protein called BCL6 which plays a key role in the development of drug-resistance in...


- 2. Girls‘Day bei BIOSS

Viele der 24 Mädchen, die am 14. April bei BIOSS unterwegs waren, hätten Lust auch mal ein Praktikum in einem der besuchten Labore zu machen.


- In-house Workshop "Science Management"

17 young interested BIOSS scientists participated in the 2 day "Project Management and Leadership Competencies" workshop. It was conducted by Dr. Simon Golin the well known leader of the consulting firm GOLIN WISSENSCHAFTSMANAGEMENT and was organized by BIOSS.