Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg


- Cells learn how to “phone”

Researchers from ETH Zurich together with BIOSS member Wilfried Weber have have reprogrammed mammalian cells in such a way that they can “phone” each other via chemical signals.


- BIOSS to receive continued funding

BIOSS achieved success in the second phase of the Excellence Initiative of German universities and will receive the full amount of funding for the next five years.


- More Complex than Expected

Bernd Fakler and Uwe Schulte, members of BIOSS, and their team were able to completely unravel the structure of the most important neurotransmitter receptor in the brain.


- 3. Girls' Day at BIOSS

“Look into my eyes, fruit fly”: Twenty-three girls from secondary grammar school learned about the exciting world of signalling research in BIOSS’s labs.