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Freiburg iGEM Team: Serial Gold Medal Winner

BIOSS undergraduate team triumphant in Boston for third time running- „Gene Cutter" key to success

BIOSS undergraduate team triumphant in Boston for third time running- „Gene cutter" key to success

The Freiburg Bioware Team - an important part of the Excellence Cluster BIOSS - has done it again: one gold medal and two special prizes at the iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine) competition, the largest event in the world for undergraduates in synthetic biology. Research group leaders Junior Professor Dr. Kristian Müller and Dr. Katja Arndt entered the competition with two teams this time. They made it to the finals and demonstrated with the Bioware Team and the Software Team that they rank among the top six talent shapers in the world for biotechnology research. They won the special prize for Best Poster and an achievement they are especially proud of the special prize for the Best New BioBrick, Engineered, i.e. the best genetic brick, which is the main scientific focus of iGEM. Last year Freiburg placed second in the finals and won a gold medal with a system for switching processes within cells on and off from outside. Three years ago Freiburg became the first German team ever to participate in the yearly competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

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"Es geht um die Schaffung neuen Lebens" (Deutsche Welle, 31 October 2009)