Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

TCR Signalling Technologies

In the past decade our group has constantly developed new methodologies and reagents to study signaling in T and B cells. Some of these reagents are of interest to other research groups or companies. To serve the demand, we have started a small university company called TCR Signalling Technologies, where several of the reagents can be purchased. All reagents are thoroughly tested in our group before shipment.

Currently, our portfolio includes:

Cell lines (mycoplasma-free):

ZL011: 31-13.scTCRVb3

ZL011: Jurkat.scTCRVb3

ZL012: Jurkat.TCRVb3GFP

ZL021: MA5.8.mzSBP

ZL022: MA5.8.mzGFPSBP

ZL031: 2B4.shKidins

ZL031: 2B4.shScrambled


PA011: anti-phospho-CD3eY1       

PA012: anti-phospho-CD3z                      

PA021: anti-CD3z


BE001: nitro-phenol-coupled sepharose beads

Please contact Kerstin Fehrenbach (Email: kerstin.fehrenbach(at) in case of interest.