Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Signalling Research

Biological signalling research addresses the communication processes that are fundamental to life and health. It explores how cells react to diverse conditions and cues, and how they communicate with one another to orchestrate development from a single cell to functioning organism – whether it be a human, animal or plant. By integrating signalling research with synthetic biology, cutting-edge technologies, and the emerging field of metabolism research, scientists in Freiburg are pushing the frontiers in this research area and opening up new possibilities to address global challenges in biomedicine and plant sciences.

This Profile Field of the University of Freiburg unites excellent researchers from life sciences, medicine and engineering, as well as chemistry, mathematics and law. The pillars of this research area are two Excellence Clusters (BIOSS and CIBSS), the SGBM Graduate School, two running SFBs and three GRKs – all of which are collaborative research programmes acquired in highly competitive national funding programmes of the DFG. The MPI-IE is a key external partner in these research activities. Core research infrastructure in this area includes the Signalhaus Freiburg, which was established as part of the BIOSS Excellence Cluster, the Centre for Integrated Signalling Analysis (CISA) and the currently under construction Institute for Disease Modeling and Targeted Medicine (IMITATE).


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