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Noncanonical binding of Lck to CD3ε promotes TCR signaling and CAR function

Hartl FA, Beck-Garcìa E, Woessner NM, Flachsmann LJ, Cárdenas RMV, Brandl SM, Taromi S, Fiala GJ, Morath A, Mishra P, Yousefi OS, Zimmermann J, Hoefflin N, Köhn M, Wöhrl BM, Zeiser R, Schweimer K, Günther S, Schamel WW, Minguet S.

Nat Immunol. 2020;21(8):902-913.

Nat Immunol.                    online article

How Lck is recruited to the T cell receptor to initiate signaling is not well known. Minguet and colleagues report the previously unknown RK-motif in this receptor that interacts in a noncanonical mode with Lck improving T cell activation and antitumor activity of clinically approved CARs