Centre for Biological Signalling Studies


Dr. Nicole Gensch

Position:                       Labmanager

Field of Study:            Biotechnology/Developmental Biolog

Expertise:                    Project and Service Management
                                        Database Management (Toolbox repository)
                                       Set up of standard operation procedures (SOP’s)
                                       Biological Safety Officer
                                       Molecular Cloning
                                       Cell Culture Techniques (biological safety level S2)


Tel:                                +49 761 203 97225

  Fax:                               +49 761 203 97213


Dr. Thomas Schubert

Position:                  Postdoc Toolbox Imaging Platform

Field of study:       Biology

Expertise:               Project and Service Management
                                  Light microscopy, Confocal Microscopy,
                                  Live cell imaging, TIRF, AFM
                                  Artifical Membrane Systems
                                  Sample preparation, Fixation and immunolabeling


Tel:                           +49 761 203 97225

Fax:                          +49 761 203 97213


Dr. Susan Lauw

Position:                         Postdoc Assay and HTS Laboratory

Field of Study:              Biochemistry

Expertise:                      Enzyme characterization
                                         Enzyme coupled assay
                                         Assay development, optimization, miniaturization and automation
                                         Operator of Tecan Freedom Evo® 200 Liquid Handling System

Email:                             susan.lauw@bioss.uni-freiburg

Tel:                                  +49 761 203 97169

Fax:                                 +49 761 203 97213


Dr. Pavel Salavei

Position:                        Postdoc Protein Laboratory

Field of Study:             Chemistry, Biochemistry

Expertise:                      Protein Expression and Purification
                                         Large scale protein expression in bioreactors and fermenters
                                         Flow cytometry


Tel:                                  +49 761 203 97169 (97218)

Fax:                                 +49 761 203 97213


Efthimia Yousefi

Position:                         Technical Assistant

Expertise:                       Cell Sorting Service
                                          Cell culture techniques (transfection and stable cell line generation)
                                          Molecular Cloning


Tel:                                   +49 761 203 67508

Fax:                                  +49 761 203 97213


Shqipe Doroci

Position:                           Lab Assistant

Expertise:                        Preparation of common buffers and medium
                                           Biological waste treatment


Tel:                                    +49 761 203 97168 (67901)

Fax:                                   +49 761 203 97213


Please address all requests for plasmids ONLY to the following Email address: