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University of Freiburg

The shared BIOSS antibody pool

This service is only available for BIOSS scientists!


Requirement of antibodies or chemical inhibitors in experimental work is often associated with high costs. In order to expand the research capacity of BIOSS scientists Toolbox is establishing a joint pool for costly and rarely used materials such as antibodies. 

Develop creativity and explore ideas with the unique possibility to receive a trial sample of antibodies that are not available otherwise!

The conditions of antibodies pool usage are very simple:

  • Provide us the list of AB`s you would be willing to share with other scientists and get the access to AB`s present in the BIOSS-Toolbox shared pool in return!
  • In special cases Toolbox would be willing to purchase the AB of your interests if you deposit 2-3 aliquots á 20 µl of your present AB`s in the Toolbox antibody pool.
  • On request the Toolbox team will arrange a possible exchange.
  • Antibodies that have been purchased or produced by the Toolbox Facility Team will be charged pro rata.

List of Antibodies

Support the BIOSS community with your contribution! 

Please address all requests for andibodies ONLY to the following Email addresss: