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IGEM2012 GATE assembly kit

Transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) are a class of naturally occurring specific DNA binding proteins that can be used to introduce targeted genome modifications or control gene expression. The team of Freiburg IGEM 2012 students has invented a fast and easy TALE assembly strategy and developed a TALE platform with expression plasmids to quickly engineer Transcription Activator-Like Effectors (TALEs) that can bind practically any desired DNA sequence and make the manipulation of genomic loci easier and faster. 

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Toolbox is glad to announce that this IGEM2012 GATE assembly kit is now available for the researchers of the University of Freiburg

The Di-Repeats are provided as DNA in leophylized form. To get the needed concentration of 60ng/?l please resuspend the DNA in 10?l H2O

We also provide plasmid for expression in mammalian cells or in bacteria:

pTALE [plasmid nr. 1060]: mammalian expression vector

GATE Assembly Kit manual

Di-Repeat sequences

For further information and access to GATE kit please contact your Toolbox team.