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Yeast ORF Collection (E.coli) Open Biosystems Catalog # YSC3868

All clones from the Yeast ORF collection (Open Biosystems) are available from the BIOSS Toolbox upon request only for research members of the University of Freiburg and the University Medical Center Freiburg.

Please see the spreadsheet and use the Accession number for the search of your Yeast ORF clone.

List of ORF clones (xls format)

Please note:

  • The collection was developed by Eric Phizicky (University of Rochester) and Mike Snyder (Yale University) and enables protein expression and purification for over 4900 S. cerevisiae genes.
  • All ORF’s are in the Gal1-regulated (gives the possibility of protein overexpression) and ampicillin resistant Gateway® destination vector BG1805.

    Download BG 1085 (GenBank format)

  • All clones have a special C-terminal fusion tag containing a Protein A-domain, 6xHis and a hemagglutination (HA) domain for a range of detection and affinity purification strategies.
  • We recommend checking all requested clones by sequencing (T7, T3 or M13 primers). 

For further information please see:

and the Technical Manual.

Purchase Order Regulation:

As a non-profit repository, the Toolbox properly stores and maintains the Yeast ORF Collection in the BIOSS Signalhaus and thereby makes it available for academic and non-profit laboratories in Freiburg.

  • On request the Toolbox team will provide Yeast ORF clones as bacterial plate.
  • To support operation of the Toolbox Repository and to maintain the high quality standard of our work we charge a fee for Yeast ORF clones. The fee is used to cover consumables and operating cost. (The transfer of material contemplated herein shall not be considered as a "sale of goods" for any purposes.) Any request of material will be covered under a Toolbox-MTA between the RECIPIENT and the BIOSS Toolbox.


      BIOSS Members

    Members of the University of Freiburg & the University Medical Center Freiburg

      Yeast ORF clone               

       15,00 €

       25,00 €

Please address all requests for Yeast ORF clones ONLY to the following Email addresss: