Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg

Resource and Information Centre

Toolbox is a non-profit central unit of the BIOSS excellence cluster in Freiburg, which serves as a method development facility for signalling studies and synthetic biology and a resource, storage and information centre for biological materials.

We offer our extended expertise and broad spectrum of devices to develop methods in collaborations with researchers from both academic and private sectors. With the present expertise, top level instrumentation and biological materials collections, we are able to help you realize your project from the experimental design down to data analysis.

Additionally we are storing, verifying and distributing biological material within the university with the aim to expand the research capacity of scientists and increase their working efficiency. The highly motivated Toolbox team works with academic researchers but also with private and commercial organizations.


Toolbox Terms and Conditions for the distribution of biological material


Please address all questions and requests to the following email address: