Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Modul "Translational Biology ‐ An Introductory Overview"

Orientation Module

1. Semester M Sc Biologie

Modulverantwortlicher: Prof. Wilfried Weber



  • Eva Decker
  • Friederike Gallenmüller
  • Wolfgang Hess
  • Gerald Radziwill
  • Ralf Reski
  • Thomas Speck
  • Bettina Warscheid
  • Wilfried Weber


Lecture: From fundamental research to application

The lecture series will give a comprehensive overview of how findings from fundamental research can be translated into application.

Biochemistry: General types of catabolism and anabolism

Bionics/Biomechanics: Technical solutions inspired by nature

Genetics: Approaches for ‚third’ generation biofuels

Plant biotechnology: Plant bioreactors

Proteomics: New tools for disease research and diagnostics

Synthetic biology: Designer cells for biomedicine


Exercises: Insight into application-driven research

In this practical exercise the participants will acquire the knowledge to devise a production process for a therapeutic protein from analyzing the DNA sequence to the production, purification and characterization of the biopharmaceutical product.

Bioinformatics: Analysis of sequence data

Genetics: Manipulation of the microbial metabolic network

Synthetic biology: Construction of synthetic gene networks in human cells for optimized gene expression.

Plant biotechnology: Production of complex recombinant biopharmaceuticals

Proteomics: Protein analysis by high-resolution mass spectrometry

Bionics/Biomechanics: Functional morphology and mechanics of plant organs (e.g. bending, torsion and damping)