Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Modul "Synthetic Biology and Biochemistry"


3. Semester M. Sc. Biologie, jedes Wintersemester

Modulverantwortlicher: Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber



  • Dr. Silke Oeljeklaus
  • Prof. Dr. Gerald Radziwill,
  • Prof. dr. Winfried Römer,
  • Prof. Dr. Bettina Warscheid,
  • Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber



Trends in Synthetic Biology.

Latest insights in Synthetic Biology:

  • Synthetic Biology in mammalian cells
  • Molecular switches
  • Synthetic gene networks
  • Optogenetic approaches
  • Plant synthetic biotechnology
  • Interactive hybrid biomaterials
  • Synthetic membrane systems


Practical Exercises:

Design and implementation of synthetic biological systems.

Lab work on a topic in the field of Synthetic Biology



Scientific Writing and Project Management

  • Scientific writing
  • Project management
  • Presentation style
  • Time and stress management
  • Patenting and exploitation of inventions



The students are able:

  • to explain the principles of synthetic biology
  • to apply methods of synthetic biology
  • to present a project management plan
  • to write a short scientific proposal