Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Modul „Signaling in Tumor Cells – Functional Proteomic Studies“



2. Semester M Sc Biologie, jedes Sommersemester

Modulverantwortlicher: Apl. Prof. Dr. Gerald Radziwill



  • Friedel Drepper
  • Silke Oeljeklaus
  • Gerald Radziwill
  • Bettina Warscheid


The lecture will provide a comprehensive overview of signalling pathways in health and disease and functional proteomics strategies combined with bioinformatics approaches

  • Protein kinases and phosphatases in signalling networks
  • Oncogenes and tumour suppressors
  • Signaling in health and disease
  • Protein kinases as targets in tumour therapy
  • Advanced technologies to study posttranslational protein modifications
  • Phosphoproteomics
  • Quantitative proteomics (SILAC)
  • High resolution mass spectrometry
  • Bioinformatics tools


Practical Exercises:

Students will gain broad practical knowledge in cell culture technology and functional proteomics methods to analyse signalling mechanisms

  • Handling and cultivation of mammalian cells
  • Transfection of mammalian cells
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Expression and analysis of protein kinases
  • Inhibition of signaling pathways in breast cancer cells
  • Purification and detection of phosphoproteins
  • MS-based analysis of phosphoproteins
  • Protein-protein interactions: affinity chromatography-MS
  • Bioinformatics approaches & data analysis


Discussion of latest trends & technologies in signalling and functional proteomics


To acquire comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in signal transduction and functional proteomic approaches