Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

BIOSS Area C: Synthesis and Engineering

BIOSS-C will develop and apply engineering approaches for rebuilding, analysing and rewiring biological signalling processes. Synthetic biological strategies will be applied for the straightforward reconstruction of membrane-related signalling processes, for the development of intracellular real-time signal sensors as well as for the design of adjustable synthetic microenvironments. Microengineering will be used for miniaturisation, automation and parallelization of biochemical assays to unravel signalling protein organization. Imaging and image analysis techniques like correlative light-electron microscopy, 3D thermal noise imaging and automated object identification will be advanced to obtain quantitative time- and space-resolved information at highest quality. Subjecting this information to model-based data interpretation will provide an unequalled picture of signalling processes. These engineering studies of biological systems will be complemented by a careful analysis on potential safety, security and ethical concerns.

Funded projects within Area C:


Investigators BIOSS C

Prof. Wilfried Weber, Prof. Prasad Shastri (Coordinators BIOSS C)

Prof. Klaus Aktories, Prof. Rolf Backofen, Dr. Joachim Boldt, Prof. Christoph Borner, Prof. Thomas Brox, Prof. Tilman Brummer, Prof. Barbara DiVentura, Dr. Frank Edlich, Prof. Oliver Einsle, Prof. Georg Häcker, Prof. Heiko Heerklotz,  Dr. Julia Jellusova, Dr. Volker Knecht, Prof. Maja Köhn, Prof. Chris Meisinger, Dr. Roland Nitschke, Prof. Klaus Palme, Dr. Jan Pruszak, Prof. Gerald Radziwill, Prof. Michael Reth, Prof. Dr. Winfried Römer, Prof. Alexander Rohrbach, Dr. Günter Roth, Prof. Wolfgang Schamel, Dr. Stefan Schiller, Prof. Rolf Schubert, Prof. Jens Timmer, Prof. Pascal Tomakidi, Dr. Max Ulbrich, Prof. Gerd Walz, Prof. Annegret Wilde, Dr. Jianying Yang