Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Immunosuppressive activity of artemisia argyi extract and isolated compounds

Zimmermann-Klemd AM, Reinhardt JK, Morath A, Schamel WW, Steinberger P, Leitner J, Huber R, Hamburger M, Gründemann C.

Front Pharmacol. 2020;11:402

Front Pharmacol.              online article

In this publication we found that substances that are present in the plant Artemisia (Beifuss in German), can supress the activity of human T cells. A careful analysis of the intracellular signalling pathways in T cells indicated that the immunomodulatory effect was based on an inhibition of the T cell receptor-initiated Ca influx and a subsequent inhibition of the NFAT pathway. A potential use of the substances in the treatment of autoimmune diseases is discussed.