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University of Freiburg

Combination of the endogenous lhcsr1 promoter and codon usage optimization boosts protein expression in the moss physcomitrella patens

Hiss M, Schneider L, Grosche C, Barth MA, Symeonidi A, Ullrich KK, Perroud PF, Schallenberg-Rüdinger M, Rensing SA

Front Plant Sci. 2017;8:1842

Front Plant Sci            online article

Here we introduce a new readout system for normalized quantification of fluorescent protein emissions, using the moss P. patens and an internal control applied via the same transfection vector than the construct of interest. We describe a new, strong endogenous promoter based on lhcsr1, and codon optimization. In summary, both yield ca. 6-fold higher expression than the double 35S promoter with non optimized codons.