Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg

Prof. Karsten Buse

Prof. Karsten Buse

Fraunhofer-Institut für Physikalische Messtechnik IPM, Freiburg

+49 761 8857-111

Full control of light with all its properties is on the one hand a challenging and inspiring scientific task and on the other hand the prerequisite for a wealth of optical methods enabling new insights into complex biological systems. We develop crystals and resonators that synthesize laser light on demand being an instrument of optical signaling studies.

10 selected publications

  • Highly tunable low-threshold optical parametric oscillation in radially poled whispering gallery resonators.
    Beckmann T, Linnenbank H, Steigerwald H, Sturman B, Haertle D, Buse K, Breunig I (2011).
    Phys Rev Lett. 106, 143903.
  • Continuous-wave optical parametric terahertz source.
    Sowade R, Breunig I, Mayorga C, Kiessling J, Tulea C, Dierolf V, Buse K (2009).
    Opt Express. 17, 22303-22310.
  • Cascaded optical parametric oscillations generating tunable terahertz waves in peri-odically poled lithium niobate crystals.
    Kiessling J, Sowade R, Breunig I, Buse K, Dierolf V (2009).
    Opt Express. 17, 87-91.
  • Optical cleaning of lithium niobate crystals.
    Kösters M, Sturmann B, Werheit P, Haertle D, Buse K (2009).
    Nat Photonics 3, 510-513.
  • Ultraslow shock waves of electron density in LiNbO3 crystals.
    Gronenborn S, Sturman B, Falk M, Haertle D, Buse K (2008).
    Phys Rev Lett. 101, 116601/1-4.
  • Photorefractive effect in iron-doped lithium niobate crystals induced by femtosecond pulses of 1.5 µm wavelength.
    Beyer O, Breunig I, Kalkum F, Buse K (2006).
    Appl Phys Lett. 88, 051120/1-3.
  • Slowing-down of light in photorefractive crystals with beam intensity coupling reduced to zero.
    Shumelyuk A, Shcherbin K, Odoulov S, Sturman B, Podivilov E, Buse K (2004).
    Phys Rev Lett. 93, 243604.
  • Atom lithography with a holographic light mask.
    Mützel M, Tandler S, Haubrich D, Meschede D, Peithmann K, Flaspöhler M, Buse K (2002).
    Phys Rev Lett. 88, 083601/1-4.
  • 3D imaging: wave front sensing utilizing a birefringent crystal.
    Buse K, Luennemann M (2000).
    Phys Rev Lett. 85, 3385-3387.
  • Non-volatile holographic storage in doubly-doped lithium niobate.
    Buse K, Adibi A, Psaltis D (1998).
    Nature 393, 665-668.