Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg

Prof. Gerald Urban


I am interested in the development of miniaturized and integrated sensor systems for biomedical analysis systems which can be used in system biology and clinical applications. My research interest covers the creation of complete miniaturized analysis systems, so-called lab-on-a-chip systems integrating biosensorarrays and microfluidics. Such integrated multianalyt bio- and chemosensor arrays can be used for measuring and monitoring of protein, oligonucleotide and metabolomic markers. These lab-on-chip systems can be used for cell microphysiometry to measure oxygen, pH, temperature, flow, glucose, lactate, glutamate, nitrogen monoxide, pH, and neurotransmitters to establish a screening platform for the analysis and monitoring of stem and tumor cells. The system could be applied in the future for cancer treatments and for systematic and controlled tissue engineering based on metabolic monitoring.

Additionally I am interested in the development of microbiosensor arrays for measuring protein markers by highly sensitive microcapillary immunoassays in body fluids. Such lab-on-a-chip system can be also used for oligonucleotide analysis in cell cultures. Such system joins the accumulation of organisms and digestion of cells with the purification of the molecules to be isolated and the detection of biomolecules, in particular small RNAs.

Another field of study is nanotechnology procedures, such as the synthesis of nanoparticles and the development of nanocomposites - in particular out of quantum dots -, metallic nanoparticles, and carbon nanotubes. These are used for nanosensorical analytics in the life sciences and for the production of fuel cells and photovoltaic devices. I am also involved in the deposition of nanofilms by means of magnetron-supported plasma polymerization for microsystemic and sensoric fields of application.



10 selected publications

  • Multianalyte Antibiotic Detection on an Electrochemical Microfluidic Platform.
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  • An Impedance Biosensor For Monitoring Cancer Cell Attachment, Spreading And Drug-Induced Apoptosis
    Nguyen T, Tiberius B, Pliquett U, Urban G.
    Sensor Actuat A-phys 2016;241:231 - 237
  • Nanocrystalline boron-doped diamond nanoelectrode arrays for ultrasensitive dopamine detection
    Dincer C, Ktaich R, Laubender E, Hees J J, Kieninger J, Nebel C E, Heinze J, Urban G.
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  • Self-assembled magnetic bead chains for sensitivity enhancement of microfluidic electrochemical biosensor platforms
    Armbrecht L, Dincer C, Kling A, Horak J, Kieninger J, Urban G.
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  • Superoxide microsensor integrated into a Sensing Cell Culture Flask microsystem using direct oxidation for cell culture application.
    Flamm H, Kieninger J, Weltin A, Urban GA.
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  • Cell culture monitoring for drug screening and cancer research: a transparent, microfluidic, multi-sensor microsystem.
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  • A micro-cantilever sensor chip based on contact angle analysis for a label-free troponin I immunoassay.
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  • A Microfluidic Chip with Integrated Electrical Cell-Impedance Sensing for Monitoring Single Cancer Cells Migration in 3D Matrices
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  • Bubble-free electrode actuation for micro-preparative scale electrophoresis of RNA.
    Vulto P, Kuhn P, Urban GA.
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  • Enrichment of viable bacteria in a micro-volume by free-flow electrophoresis.
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