Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Press Releases

- No sex required

German-Israeli team discovers gene trigger for asexual reproduction

- Lipids support protein machinery

University of Freiburg researchers discover that integration of molecular barrels into the membrane depends on its composition

- Traffic jam in the cell

A German-Polish team with scientists from Freiburg revealed how cells survive mistargeting of mitochondrial proteins

- How cancer cells avoid shutdown

University of Freiburg researchers unravel mechanisms by which a protein that promotes tumour growth is produced during stress

- Stem cell switch on the move

Biologists from the University of Freiburg demonstrate how signals in plant roots determine the activity of stem cells

- From moss to mouse

University of Freiburg to cooperate with a biopharmaceutical company on therapy for kidney diseases

- Sugar for synthetic cells

Biologists from University of Freiburg involved in collaborative project SynGlycTis which receives 19 million euros in funding