Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Press Releases

- Traffic control of cells

Researchers develop a hydrogel whose stiffness and permeability to cells can be controlled with light

- Binding with consequences

Researchers from Freiburg and Ulm discover mechanism through which bacteria attack white blood cells

- An elegant mechanism

Researchers discovered a connection between metabolite and protein transport in the powerhouse of the cell

- Velcro for human cells

Freiburg researchers engineer cellular adhesion receptors that can be controlled with light

- Deep learning for all

Freiburg computer scientists develop a user-friendly plug-in for the automated analysis of biomedical images

- Dynamics of individual proteins

New measurement method allows researchers to precisely follow the movement of individual molecules over long periods of time

- Folding Poisons

Researchers show how toxins of the bacterium Clostridium difficile get into cells in the gut

- Measuring the Nanoworld

Researchers establish a benchmark for accurate determination of internal dimensions within individual molecules

- How to target a gene

Scientists find proteins important for plant development, DNA repair and gene targeting

- Stiffness matters

Nanomedicine entry into cancer cells can be tuned by modulating the stiffness of the plasma membrane

- Nano-switches in the cell

A team with researchers from Freiburg discovered a new mechanism for the regulation of protein synthesis

- More than 100.000 switches

Freiburg researchers map out the atlas of gene regulators in human cardiac cells for the first time