Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

In the media

- Biomimetic Apatite Formation

Biomineralization is of extreme importance in mammals and it is necessary for the formation of the skeleton.

- Ohne Moos nix Mensch

Moose eroberten vor Jahrmillionen als erste Pflanzen das Festland. Ralf Reski erforscht, wie es dazu kam - und hat eine eigene Meinung zur Stuttgarter "Mooswand".

- Fat under control

An article in the University magazine uni'wissen about Dr. Matthias Meier and his research group: With microfluidic platforms, the team simulates the environment of the human body and cultivates cells

- Young researchers tinker

Article in Laborjournal about the iGEM competition that also describes the project of the team at BIOSS and the University of Freiburg

- How much antibiotics do I need?

Interview in Radio Regenbogen Campus Report with microsystems engineer Dr. Can Dincer about a sensor platform that quantifies antibiotics in human blood and that has been developed by Dincer and his team

- To better determine the right dose

The newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau reports about a system developed by Dr. Can Dincer and his team that detects antibiotics in blood

- Mouse eggs made from skin cells

Japanese researchers have made eggs from skin cells and fertilized them – PD Dr. Joachim Boldt about the ethical questions

- Man-made evolution

PD Dr. Joachim Boldt in an article on "Welt Online" about the ethical questions posed by new methods in genetic engineering

- Mouse eggs from stem cells

Ethicist PD Dr. Joachim Boldt in conversation with the science magazine 3sat nano: What does it mean for human society if functioning egg cells can be grown from stem cells in vitro?

- Half human, half machine

Medical ethicist PD Dr. Joachim Boldt in an article in "Badische Zeitung" about transhumanism and cyborgs

- The project "HGP-Write"

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber about the "Human Genome Project–Write", the project to synthesize the human genome

- To study the cell's cleaning forces

Article in the FRIAS News 12 about the research focus "Membrane Trafficking in Ageing and Disease" with professors and BIOSS members Klaus Aktories, Stefan Eimer, and Tobias B. Huber

- Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

An article in "Laborjournal" about Synthetic Biology and the research of Katja Kolar, who is doing her PhD in the research group of Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber

- The tumour's weak spot

Article in the research magazine of the University of Freiburg about Dr. Tilman Brummer

- Bakterium mit Minimalgenom

Ethiker PD Dr. Joachim Boldt gibt in der Süddeutschen Zeitung eine Einschätzung zur neuen Studie des US-Biotechnologen Craig Venter