Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Exploring Cutting-Edge Biological Signalling Research in Freiburg

The Lord Mayor of Freiburg, Martin Horn, recently embarked on a visit to the renowned Signalhaus Freiburg, a symbol of research excellence housing the Clusters of Excellence BIOSS (Biological Signalling Studies) and CIBSS (Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies). Accompanied by Ms. Hanna Böhme from Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe, they were immersed in the rich tradition of signalling research that Freiburg boasts.

Signalhaus provides top-tier infrastructure catering to diverse research groups, all deeply engaged in the dynamic field of signalling research, which underpins the exchange of cellular information and communication processes.

During the visit, insights were shared by distinguished speakers such as Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schamel of BIOSS and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Driever of CIBSS. Discussions ranged from the recruitment of international talent to the indispensable role of animal experiments in research endeavors. Mr. Horn and Ms. Böhme were treated to a firsthand glimpse into laboratory operations, not only gaining an understanding of the groundbreaking research and its significance for Freiburg but also witnessing the day-to-day activities of the dedicated staff.

In the research group led by Prof. Susana Minguet, the visitors witnessed Freiburg researchers at the forefront of the battle against cancer, developing innovative receptors to empower the immune system in identifying and eliminating cancer cells. Meanwhile, in Prof. Dr. Winfried Römer's group, they observed the visualization of cellular signalling processes through cutting-edge microscopy techniques.

As a token of appreciation for the insightful visit, the employees of the Cluster of Excellence presented Mr. Horn with a pair of socks adorned with scientific motifs, serving as a memento of their memorable encounter.