a Network for the advancement of integrative biological signalling research in the upper Rhine valley.

The network has been jointly initiated by BIOSS (Freiburg, D), the Biozentrum (Basel, CH) and the IGBMC (Strasbourg, F) and aims at:


- integrating complementary expertise and technology in signalling research

- supporting collaboration, exchange and joint funding acquisition

- organizing  joint symposia and training - providing a communications platform in the area of biological signalling research


TRISIGNIA tightly connects with parallel initiatives of complementary interests and expertise, including the Upper Rhine Immunology Group, the Tri-national DevStemCell Network  and the Rhine-Knee Regional Community for Structural Biology.


     BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

     Prof. Dr. Michael Reth

     University of  Freiburg


     Prof. Dr. Mike Hall / Prof. Dr. Markus Affolter

     University of Basel


     Prof. Bertrand Séraphin / Prof. Bruno Klaholz

     University of Strasbourg


FRESCO Integrative Biological Signalling Programme


 • Chromobodies and binder tags to reveal spatial and temporal signalling dynamics in vivo

   (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Driever, Institute of Biology I - Developmental Biology, University of Freiburg and Prof. Markus Affolter,
   Biozentrum, University of Basel)


 • Architecture and Mechanisms of Signalling Assemblies

   (Prof. Dr. Carola Hunte, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Freiburg and Prof. Dr. Bruno Klaholz, Centre for
   Integrative Biology, Department of Integrated Structural Biology, IGBMC, France)


 • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the ELSA of Integrative Biological Signalling Research

   (Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber, Institute of Biology II - Synthetic Biology and Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott, Insitute of Biology II - Cell Biology,
   University of Freiburg and PD Dr. Marcel van Ackeren, Oxfords Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics)