Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Classen

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Classen

Centre for Biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA),
University of Freiburg

+49 761 203 79109

Selected publications

  • Calcium spikes, waves and oscillations in a large, patterned epithelial tissue.
    Balaji R, Bielmeier C, Harz H, Bates J, Stadler C, Hildebrand A, Classen AK. (2017).
    Scientific Reports.
  • JAK/STAT signalling mediates cell survival in response to tissue stress.
    La Fortezza M, Schenk M, Cosolo A, Kolybaba A, Grass I, Classen AK (2016).
    Development 143(16):2907-19.
  • Interface contractility between differently fated cells drives cell elimination and cyst formation.
    Bielmeier C, Alt S, Weichselberger V, La Fortezza M, Harz H, Jülicher F, Salbreux G, Classen AK (2016).
    Curr Biol. 26(5):563-74
  • The transcriptional response to tumorigenic polarity loss in Drosophila.
    Bunker BD, Nellimoottil TT, Classen AK and Bilder D (2015).
    Elife doi: 10.7554/eLife.03189
  • A novel function for the Rab5 effector Rabenosyn-5 in planar cell polarity.
    Mottola G, Classen AK, González-Gaitán M, Eaton S, Zerial M (2010).
    Development 137: 2353-2364
  • A tumor suppressive activity of Drosophila Polycomb genes mediated by JAK/STAT signaling.
    Classen AK, Bunker BD, Harvey KF, Vaccari T, Bilder D (2009).
    Nat Genet. 41(10): 1150-5
  • Quantitative analysis of epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila oogenesis: New insights based on morphometric analysis and mechanical modeling.
    Kolahi KS*, White PF*, Shreter DM*, Classen AK*, Bilder D, Mofrad MR (2009).
    Dev Biol. 331(2): 129-39.
    * shared first co-authors
  • Human heterochromatin proteins form large domains containing KRAB-ZNF genes.
    Vogel M, Guelen L, Wit E, Lodén M, Talhout W, Feenstra M, Abbas B, Classen AK, van Steensel B (2006).
    Genome Res. 16(12): 1493-504
  • Hexagonal packing of Drosophila wing epithelial cells by the planar cell polarity pathway.
    Classen AK, Anderson K, Marois E, Eaton S (2005). Dev Cell 9(6): 805-17