Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

BIOSS Toolbox Cloning Service

The BIOSS Toolbox offers a cloning service for BIOSS scientists and research members of the University of Freiburg and the University Medical Center Freiburg.

  • BIOSS Toolbox supports scientific work in difficult cloning strategies
  • BIOSS Toolbox can speed up the cloning process and assist in urgent cases

All you have to do is give us your material and an overview of the cloning strategy and we will clone your plasmid for you!

The service includes:

  • Clone of your gene coding sequence into a wide range of expression vectors
  • Verification of coding sequence
  • Preparation of plasmid DNA


Purchase Order Regulation:

  • To support operation of the Toolbox Repository and to maintain the high quality standard of our work we charge a fee for the cloning service. The fee is used to cover consumables and operating cost. (The transfer of material contemplated herein shall not be considered as a "sale of goods" for any purposes.) Based on your request will calculate the cost for the cloning service.
  • Any request of service will be covered under a Toolbox Application Form and a Plasmid Deposit Agreement between the RECIPIENT and the BIOSS Toolbox.

Please feel free to contact us!   

Please address all requests for cloning ONLY to the following Email address: