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Cingulate overexpression of mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 as a key factor for depression

Barthas F, Humo M, Gilsbach R, Waltisperger E, Karatas M, Leman S, Hein L, Belzung C, Boutillier AL, Barrot M, Yalcin I.

Biol Psychiatry. 2017;82(5):370-379.

Biol Psychiatry.            online article

Depression is frequently associated with chronic pain or chronic stress. The current work shows, that
during chronic pain–induced depression, the mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 (MKP-1) is overexpressed in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). MKP-1 overexpression is also observed with unpredictable chronic mild stress and repeated ACC optogenetic stimulation and is reversed by fluoxetine. A knockout, an antagonist, or a local silencing of MKP-1 attenuates depressive-like behaviors, pointing to an important role of this phosphatase in depression.