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University of Freiburg

Massive protein import into the early-evolutionary-stage photosynthetic organelle of the amoeba paulinella chromatophora

Singer A, Poschmann G, Mühlich C, Valadez-Cano C, Hänsch S, Hüren V, Rensing SA, Stühler K, Nowack ECM

Curr Biol. 2017;27(18):2763-2773.

Curr Biol.        online article

The amoeba Paulinella targets hundreds of proteins into a novel type of photosynthetic organelle. Long imported proteins carry a novel type of N-terminal transit peptide, comprehensive proteome and bioinformatics analyses define the metabolic capacity of this unique organelle. Ancestral host proteins dominate the bacterial to organellar proteome transformation.