Cluster of Excellence –
University of Freiburg

BIOSS Area B: Supra-cellular Signalling Pathways

During development, growth, and regeneration, complex signalling environments recruit cells from stem cell pools, direct their differentiation paths, and organise them in 3D into specialized organ structures. Research in BIOSS-B focuses on molecular nature, organization, and logic of these signalling systems.

BIOSS-B1 analyses how individual cells sense the signals from their environment and translate this information into cell fate decisions. A focus is on stem cell populations and their niches.

BIOSS-B2 investigates stem-cell like proliferative populations in cancer with a focus on tumour development, both at the intracellular level of oncogenic kinase signalling, as well as at the supracellular level of cell-cell communication within tumours.

To organise into a tissue, cells also need to communicate with each other in space and time. The integration of spatial and temporal signalling during differentiation and organ morphogenesis is the subject of BIOSS-B3. Specifically, it will be investigated how biochemical and biophysical inputs from the environment are integrated by cells to adopt a certain behaviour. 

BIOSS-B combines analytical approaches with synthetic signalling systems to verify hypotheses and to advance understanding of control mechanisms both in animal and plant systems. Together with BIOSS-C, we design artificial microenvironments to control stem cell behaviour and cell differentiation. BIOSS-B will advance understanding of plant growth control and bring new ideas to regenerative medicine and control of malignant growth.

Funded projects within BIOSS B:


Investigators BIOSS B:

Prof. Wolfgang DrieverProf. Christoph Peters (Coordinators BIOSS B)

Dr. Sebastian Arnold, Prof. Ralf Baumeister, Prof. Christoph Borner, Prof. Thomas Brox, Prof. Leena Bruckner-Tuderman, Dr. Tilman Brummer, Prof. Karsten Buse, Dr. Christine Dierks, Prof. Andreas Hecht, Prof. Hassan Jumaa, Prof. Wolfgang Kühn, Prof. Silke Lassmann, Prof. Thomas Laux, Dr. Soeren Lienkamp,  Dr. Ulrich Maurer, Dr. David Medgyesi,  Dr. Roland Nitschke, Dr. Daria Onichtchouk, Prof. Klaus Palme, Prof. Marco Prinz, Dr. Jan Pruszak, Dr. Giorgos Pyrowolakis, Prof. Dr. Thomas Reinheckel, Prof. Michael Reth, Prof. Alexander Rohrbach, Dr. Günter Roth, PD Dr. Oliver Schilling, Prof. Prasad Shastri, Prof. Matias Simons, PD Dr. Cassian Sitaru, Prof. Jens Timmer, Prof. Pascal Tomakidi, Jun. Prof. Max Ulbrich, Prof. Gerald Urban, Prof. Gerd Walz, Prof. Wilfried Weber, Prof. Dr. Robert Zeiser