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University of Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Hassan Jumaa

Prof. Dr. Hassan Jumaa

Institute of Immunology, University Medical Center Ulm

+49 731 500 65201


The aim of my research group is to obtain a global understanding of the signaling pathways that regulate the proliferation and differentiation of B cells. Specifically, we want to understand how signals emanating from the B cell antigen receptor (BCR) or its precursor (pre-BCR) lead to changes in gene expression and determine the fate of developing B cells, as defects in the signal transduction of B cells result in immunodeficiency, autoimmunity or leukemia.  We employ multidisciplinary approaches that combine genetic and biochemichal screens with the generation of animal models to characterize the mechanisms of lymphoma development as compared with normal development of B cells.  



10 selected publications:

  • Assembly and function of the precursor B-cell receptor.
    Übelhart R, Werner M, Jumaa H. (2016)
    Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 393: 3-25.
  • Control of B cell responsiveness by isotype and structural elements of the antigen receptor
    Hobeika E, Maity PC, Jumaa H. (2016)
    Trends Immunol. 37: 310-20.
  • PTEN opposes negative selection and enables oncogenic transformation of pre-B cells
    Shojaee S, Chan LN, Buchner M, Cazzaniga V, Cosgun KN, Geng H, Qiu YH, von Minden MD, Ernst T, Hochhaus A, Cazzaniga G, Melnick A, Kornblau SM, Graeber TG, Wu H, Jumaa H, Müschen M. (2016)
    Nat Med. 22: 379-87.
  • Autoreactivity and the positive selection of B cells.
    Übelhart R, Jumaa H. (2015)
    Eur J Immunol. 45: 2971-7.
  • B cell antigen receptors of the IgM and IgD classes are clustered in different protein islands that are altered during B cell activation.
    Maity PC, Blount A, Jumaa H, Ronneberger O, Lillemeier BF, Reth M. (2015).
    Sci Signal. 8: ra93.
  • Responsiveness of B cells is regulated by the hinge region of IgD.
    Übelhart R, Hug E, Bach MP, Wossning T, Dühren-von Minden M, Horn AH, Tsiantoulas D, Kometani K, Kurosaki T, Binder CJ, Sticht H, Nitschke L, Reth M, Jumaa H. (2015)
    Nat Immunol. 16:534-43.
  • Lectins from opportunistic bacteria interact with acquired variable-region glycans of surface immunoglobulin in follicular lymphoma.
    Schneider D, Dühren-von Minden M, Alkhatib A, Setz C, van Bergen CA, Benkißer-Petersen M, Wilhelm I, Villringer S, Krysov S, Packham G, Zirlik K, Römer W, Buske C, Stevenson FK, Veelken H, Jumaa H. (2015)
    Blood 125 :3287-96.
  • Signalling thresholds and negative B-cell selection in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
    Chen Z, Shojaee S, Buchner M, Geng H, Lee JW, Klemm L, Titz B, Graeber TG, Park E, Tan YX, Satterthwaite A, Paietta E, Hunger SP, Willman CL, Melnick A, Loh ML, Jung JU, Coligan JE, Bolland S, Mak TW, Limnander A, Jumaa H, Reth M, Weiss A, Lowell CA, Müschen M. (2015)
    Nature 521: 357-61.
  • Antibody repertoire diversification through VH gene replacment in mice cloned from an IgA plasma cell.
    Kumar R, Bach MP, Mainoldi F, Maruya M, Kishigami S, Jumaa H, Wakayama T, Kanagawa O, Fagarasan S, Casola S (2015)
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112:E450-457.
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia is driven by antigen-independent cell-autonomous signalling.
    Dühren-von Minden M, Übelhart R, Schneider D, Wossning T, Bach MP, Buchner M, Hofmann D, Surova E, Follo M, Köhler F, Wardemann H, Zirlik K, Veelken H, Jumaa H.(2012)
    Nature 489:309-12.