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University of Freiburg

Dr. Christine Dierks

Dr. Christine Dierks

Dept. of Haematology and Oncology
University Medical Center Freiburg

+49 761 270 7181

10 selected publications

  • GDC-0449- targeting the hedgehog signaling pathway.
    Dierks C (2010).  
    Recent Results Cancer Res. 184:235-8. Review
  • Targeting Bcr-Abl by combining allosteric with ATP-binding-site inhibitors.
    Zhang J, Adrián FJ, Jahnke W, Cowan-Jacob SW, Li AG, Iacob RE, Sim T, Powers J, Dierks C, Sun F, Guo GR, Ding Q, Okram B, Choi Y, Wojciechowski A, Deng X, Liu G, Fendrich G, Strauss A, Vajpai N, Grzesiek S, Tuntland T, Liu Y, Bursulaya B, Azam M, Manley PW, Engen JR, Daley GQ, Warmuth M, Gray NS (2010).
    Nature 463(7280):501-6  
  • ITK-SYK induces T-cell lymphomas in mice mimicking human disease.
    Dierks C, Adrian F, Ma H, Guo G, Zirlik K, Stegert M, Beigi R, Veelken H,  Warmuth M (2010).
    Cancer Res 70(15):6193-204
  • Spleen Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition Prevents Chemokine- and Integrin-Mediated Stromal Protective Effects in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.
    Buchner M, Baer C, Prinz G, Burger M, Zenz T, Stilgenbauer S, Dierks C, Jumaa H, Veelken H, Zirlik K (2010).
    Blood, 115(22):4497-506
  • Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (SYK) is Overexpressed and Represents a Potential Therapeutic Target in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.
    Buchner M, Fuchs S, Prinz G, Pfeifer D, Bartholomé K, Chevalier N, Vallat L, Timmer J, Gribben JG, Jumaa H, Veelken H, Dierks C*, Zirlik K* (2009).
    Cancer Res. 69(13):5424-32
    *contributed equally
  • PIM kinases in FLT3-ITD-mediated leukemia: unravelling of an essential function of PIM1 in early bone marrow homing and functional interaction with the SDF1?/CXCR4 axis.
    Grundler R, Gasser C, Brault L, Bullock AN, Dechow T, Nawjin M, Berns A, Woetzel S, Pogacic V, Ehret S, Berridge G, Spoo A, Dierks C, Biondi A, Knapp S, Duyster J, Schwaller J (2009).
    J Exp Med. 206(9):1957-70  
  • XXIII International Association for Comparative Research on Leukemia and Related Diseases Symposium: from molecular pathogenesis to targeted therapy in leukemia and solid tumors.
    Hackanson B, Becker H, Berg T, Binder M, Dierks C, Duque-Afonso J, Lairmore MD, Schäfer HS, Schnitzler M, Zeiser R, Martens U, Mertelsmann R, Lübbert M (2008). 
    Cancer Res 68(14):5512-8
  • Hedgehog signaling is essential for expansion of Bcr-Abl positive leukemic stem cells.
    Dierks C, Beigi R, Stegert M, Zirlik K, Guo G, Schmitt-Graeff A, Veelken H, Warmuth M (2008).
    Cancer Cell 14(3):238-49
  • Essential role of stromally induced hedgehog signalling in B-cell malignancies.
    Dierks C, Grbic J, Zirlik K, Beigi R, Englund NP, Veelken H, Engelhardt M, Mertelsmann R, Kelleher J, Schultz P, Warmuth M (2007).
    Nat Med. 13: 944-951
  • The effects of Bcr-Abl on C/EBP transcription-factor regulation and neutrophilic differentiation are reversed by the Abl kinase inhibitor imatinib mesylate.
    Schuster C (now Dierks C), Forster K, Dannhauser-Riedl S, Hallek M,  Warmuth M (2003).
    Blood 101(2):655-63